How can you find the best long term care premiums?

When you're considering long term care (LTC) insurance, the best way to lower your long term care premiums is to buy a policy sooner rather than later. Long term care premiums are adjusted based primarily on your age and your health when you purchase the insurance. Consequently, long term care premiums can be lower when you apply at a younger age and when you are in good health. This fact is good reason to address your LTC plans needs today.

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Rely on John Hancock to help find the best long term care premiums

As a leading long term care insurance company, John Hancock provides a variety of innovative products and long term care premiums that are affordable for your budget. John Hancock can help you find the best long term care insurance plan to protect the wealth you have accumulated and minimize the financial exposure that long term care costs may represent. John Hancock offers optional features to help customize your policy and protect against inflation and the rising cost of health care. John Hancock long term care premiums pay for insurance which can give you more control and independence when it comes to making difficult decisions about care, and that can help you avoid being a burden on your loved ones.

What affects the cost of premiums for long term care insurance?

Long term care premiums are influenced by several considerations.

  • Your age and health.
  • The length of time you need care. On average, people require about three years of long term care*, but you may want to adjust your premiums to cover more or less time, depending on your health and your family‚Äôs health history.
  • The location you will receive care. Because the cost of care is different in various parts of the country, your long term care premiums may be adjusted based on your idea of where you want to retire or when you may need care.

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* Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, "How Can We Improve Long-Term Care Financing," June 2008.

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