Lower your long term care rate when you buy insurance at a younger age.

When it comes to long term care insurance, you’re likely to get the best long term care rate by applying sooner rather than later. Long term care insurance pays for the cost of custodial care when you or a loved one needs assistance with daily tasks – eating, bathing, dressing and transferring. While long term care is often the result of age, an accident or illness may cause you to need long term care at an earlier age. In fact, of all the people receiving long term care, 41 percent are under age 65* -- another reason to consider long term care insurance now. For long term care insurance premiums, you’re likely to get a better long term care rate when you apply at a younger age and when you are healthy. The sooner you address your insurance needs, the lower your long term care rate is likely to be. For help to find the right long term care rate for you, consult the professionals at John Hancock.

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John Hancock can help adjust your long term care rate to your budget.

John Hancock offers a wide range of innovative long term care insurance products. As one of the nation’s leading long term care insurance companies, John Hancock can help you find the right policy and long term care rate for your financial plan and budget. John Hancock policies offer optional features that help you customize your plan for your needs, and protect you against the rate of inflation and the rising cost of health care. John Hancock long term care premiums cover all types of care in a variety of settings and gives you confidence of knowing that you’ll have help covering the cost of long term care should you need it, without becoming a burden to your family.

Your insurance rate for a long term care policy is influenced by age & health, location and duration.

When evaluating the rate for your insurance plan, your long term care insurance premium will be affected by several considerations:

  • Location. The cost of care is higher in some parts of the country and lower in others – knowing where you want to retire may affect the amount of coverage you want and the rate of your premium.
  • Length. People on average require long term care for three years, but you may want to consider more or less coverage depending on your personal and family health history.
  • Age & Health

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*Georgetown University Long-Term Care Financing Project, "Long-Term Care Financing Policy Options for the Future," June 2007.

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