Long term health insurance provides protection for retirement savings

Long term health insurance is a critical part of financial and retirement planning. Long term health care provides assistance when you or a family member can no longer manage day-to-day activities on your own. When age, injury or an illness like Alzheimer’s or multiple sclerosis make it hard to eat, dress or bathe on one’s own, long term health care provides help in the home or in an assisted living facility to manage these daily tasks or to receive physical, occupational, speech or respiratory therapy. While the cost of long term care can be high and can impact your retirement savings, long term health insurance helps cover the cost of care, protecting the wealth you have built for your retirement and your family’s future. For long term health insurance, consider the innovative insurance products available at John Hancock.

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John Hancock offers innovative long term health insurance products

Since 1862, John Hancock has been a leader in insurance and financial services. Today, John Hancock is a leader in long term health insurance as well. With more than one million policyholders in long term health insurance, John Hancock provides innovative products that cover a range of care in a variety of settings. From custodial care in the home to assisted living arrangements in nursing homes, John Hancock long term insurance products offer confidence that you are helping to protect your assets and the control you want to make decisions about the kind of care you require and where you will receive it. And John Hancock long term health insurance policies include optional features to help customize your policy to meet your personal and financial needs.

When is the best time to buy health insurance to cover long term care?

Long term health insurance is a matter best addressed sooner rather than later for two important reasons.

  • Long term care insurance rates are primarily based on your age and health status at the time you apply. Therefore, you can secure the best long term care insurance rates when you are younger and healthier.
  • Long term care is not just for the elderly. Many people under age 65 require long term health care, and having a long term care insurance program in place now means that you may receive the care you need if an accident or illness incapacitate you in some way.

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Long-term care insurance is underwritten by John Hancock Life Insurance Company, Boston, MA 02117 and in New York by John Hancock Life & Health Insurance Company, Boston, MA 02117.