Long term insurance: protection for your retirement assets

While the cost of long term care can have a serious impact on your retirement savings, long term insurance can help cover the cost and protect the assets and wealth you have built to provide for your family and your future. Long term insurance helps to pay for assistance with eating, dressing, bathing and moving about when illness, age or injury have made those routine tasks too difficult to handle alone. Long term insurance can also help cover the cost of physical therapy and other long term care received on a daily basis or less frequently. And long term insurance can be used to fund care in a variety of settings, from the home or community to assisted living or nursing home facilities. By providing the means to pay for long term care, you can better secure your family’s financial future and ensure that you’ll have more choice about when to receive can and when. For a wide variety of choices in long term insurance, consider the market-leading insurance products from John Hancock.

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John Hancock is a leader in long term insurance

John Hancock, a provider of financial services since 1862, has been a leading provider of long term insurance for the last 20 years. John Hancock offers innovative long term care insurance plans with optional feature allowing you to customize your long term care plan to your personal and financial needs. With more than one million policyholders, John Hancock offers long term insurance policies that cover all types of care in a variety of settings. When you choose insurance from John Hancock, you can have confidence knowing that you are minimizing both the financial and emotional burden on your family, should you or a loved one ever require long term care.

Benefits of long term care insurance

When you purchase long term health insurance from John Hancock, you can:

  • Help protect your investments and retirement savings, preserving the lifestyle and the plans for your future you have worked so hard to achieve
  • Reduce or eliminate the burden on family members of providing or paying for long term care
  • Take control of your decisions over long term care and preserve the independence to decide on long term care providers and where and when you want to receive care

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Long-term care insurance is underwritten by John Hancock Life Insurance Company, Boston, MA 02117 and in New York by John Hancock Life & Health Insurance Company, Boston, MA 02117.