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It’s more affordable than you think.

People think life insurance is more expensive than it actually is. When asked to estimate the cost for a 20-year, $250,000 term life insurance policy, about 80 percent of consumers overestimated the annual cost, making it seem less affordable, according to Todd Silverhart, Director of Insurance Research at LIMRA, an insurance trade organization. 

The sooner you start, the better the rate.

At age 30, a 20-year term policy can be a better value than a 10-year term policy you buy at age 40. Some people think that they don’t need life insurance because they’re healthy. However, the leading cause of death for people 25 to 44 is accidents, rather than illness. Do you have a mortgage, college loans or other debts that will fall on others if you die? Life insurance can provide coverage should something happen to you.

Leave with a clean slate

Life insurance can help pay off your debts and provide financial protection for your loved ones. After you’re gone, your family need not have additional worries as they grieve and attempt to move forward without you.

You’ll feel great.

Do you keep putting off shopping for life insurance? Any journey begins with a single step. This applies to getting life insurance, which should be one component of your family’s financial journey. It’s very easy to get information about what types of policies and terms would work for you. After your policy is in place, you can check this one off the list and be able to focus on other tasks, all the while knowing that you’ve put financial protection in place for your family.

Needless to say, there are many more reasons for getting life insurance now. A John Hancock Coverage Coach can design a no obligation assessment, customized to meet your current and future goals.