Many people with diabetes recognize the value of life insurance and the importance of providing financial protection for their families. However, according to a recent survey, a number of people with diabetes who don’t have a life insurance policy say they are unlikely to apply for one. 

Why the hesitation? Historically, getting life insurance when you have diabetes has been a challenge – but that’s no longer the case. In fact, with John Hancock life insurance with Vitality, getting life insurance is easier than ever.

New Trends in Diabetes Technology

You might be thinking: Why is life insurance more attainable for people with diabetes? What changed?

Recent innovations, advancements in medical technology and ongoing wellness initiatives have led to better care and diagnosis of diabetes. Plus, public awareness campaigns around the health risks associated with obesity, benefits of increased exercise and anti-smoking initiatives have all contributed to reducing the risk of diabetes, particularly type 2.

From convenient continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) to advanced insulin delivery systems, the diabetes product landscape is growing in leaps and bounds. For instance, by wearing a CGM that tracks glucose levels, users get a complete view of how medication, food and exercise affect their well-being.1 Or, with wireless insulin pens, like InPen, users can track, monitor and calculate their insulin injections without having to wear an insulin pump.2

All in all, people with diabetes are in greater control of managing their condition. 

Better Control Leads to Better Underwriting Offers

At John Hancock, our progressive approach to underwriting allows us to make competitive offers to applicants living with diabetes who can show that their condition is well controlled.

Our underwriters (life insurance analysts who evaluate and assume an applicant’s risk) are specialized in high-risk health or special-risk factors. Unlike less established companies, we’re better equipped and more knowledgeable about your specific medical needs. Our Coverage Coaches can provide you with personalized life insurance solutions that meet your specific needs, and will work directly with you throughout the entire process.


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An Innovative Solution for People with Diabetes

Living with diabetes can mean added challenge – but getting life insurance shouldn’t be one of them. John Hancock life insurance with Vitality rewards you for your healthy lifestyle and the things you already do to manage your diabetes. You can save up to 15% on the cost of your coverage and earn rewards and discounts for exercising and eating well. It's a better kind of life insurance, available only from John Hancock.

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