Meet Gordon F., an IT manager of a small equity firm in San Mateo, California, who was diagnosed with diabetes five years ago. A self-professed problem solver, Gordon was determined to figure out how to control his condition and explore ways to provide financial protection for his family, so he would be prepared for whatever the future held.

Like many people living with diabetes, Gordon had concerns about his ability to get life insurance. His wife Janice explains, “When we found out Gordon has diabetes … I was worried that he may not qualify for life insurance, because of his diabetes. But when we looked into it, we saw that Vitality is an option.”

Life Insurance That Rewards Healthy Living

With John Hancock Vitality life insurance, customers can earn rewards and premium savings of up to 15% for the everyday things they do to stay healthy, like exercising, walking and eating right.

“My aim was 15,000 steps a day,” Gordon says. “At work, I just walk the stairs at the garage and meet my goal.” Together, Gordon and Janice have created some friendly competition about who can get the most activity in. 

“The Vitality program provides knowledge of what kind of foods to eat, what kind of exercises to do,” he says. Using his complimentary Fitbit device that he received through the Vitality program, he also tracks his daily steps and physical activity. 

“The nice thing about Vitality is just doing things we do every day, trying to live a healthier life. Eat a little healthier. Get a little bit of exercise in,” Janice says. “I think what I like the most is the reduction in premiums.”

Gordon feels more inspired and in control of his diabetes, actively using the nutrition and fitness components of the Vitality program, and has since improved his health to the point where he is now in a prediabetes category. 

Watch how the John Hancock Vitality Program has become part of their daily lives, inspiring them to live healthier – while also providing financial security and rewarding them for their healthy habits.

About Vitality

Living with diabetes can mean added challenges – but getting life insurance shouldn’t be one of them. John Hancock life insurance with Vitality rewards you for your healthy habits and the things you already do to manage your diabetes. You can save up to 15% on the cost of your coverage and earn rewards and discounts for exercising and eating well.

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