September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, so we’re taking the opportunity to dispel one of the more pervasive myths about life insurance: that it’s only relevant at the end of life. In fact, no matter what life stage people are in, life insurance is an important way to provide financial security for themselves and their loved ones.

Tammy and Jay H. of Lancaster, Pennsylvania are small business owners and empty-nesters planning for retirement. They believe in “active engagement”— searching for the good things in life and then living it well. This positive, hardworking and reflective attitude is personified in their passion for exercise, family and work/life balance.

The couple learned about John Hancock life insurance with Vitality—which rewards people for smart choices like healthy eating, exercise and regular checkups—on the radio. They were drawn to how well the program fit into their existing lifestyle. Tammy enjoys tracking her steps through her Fitbit, and Jay likes how he can log on via his computer and mobile apps to check on his points and rewards.

With middle age comes a complex set of financial priorities, and like others at this stage in life, they know life insurance provides an important security measure to ensure they can protect the life they’ve built. John Hancock life insurance with Vitality provides the motivation and rewards policyholders like Tammy and Jay need to take care of their health through small changes while also safeguarding their financial future.

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Learn why John Hancock with Vitality was the right choice for Tammy and Jay—and the right choice for any stage of life.