Life Insurance

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Phone: 1-800-732-5543 (M-F, 8AM – 6PM ET)
Fax: 617-572-1571
TTY Device #: 800-832-5282

Mailing Address:
Life Post Issue Services
John Hancock Insurance Co.
PO Box 55979
Boston, MA 02205

Long-term Care

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Individual plans phone: 1-800-377-7311 (M-F, 8AM – 6PM ET)
Employer-based plans phone: 1-800-482-0022 (M-F, 8AM – 6PM ET)
Claims phone: 1-800-233-1449 (M-F, 8AM – 6PM ET)
TTY Device #: 1-800-555-5421 (individual plans) or 1-800-255-1808 (employer-based plans)

Mailing Address:
John Hancock LTC Policyholder Services
PO BOX 55978
Boston, MA 02205
Fax: 617-572-6010

John Hancock LTC Claims
PO BOX 55231
Boston, MA 02205