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100 year old policy

John Hancock Delivers on Its Promises

When a mother in Cleveland purchased a John Hancock life insurance policy for her one-year-old son back on April 12, 1911, she had no idea it would be paid nearly 100 years later - after two World Wars had been fought, 16 U.S. Presidents had been elected, and TV and the Internet had been invented.

That policy, with its premium of 10 cents a week, went into effect the same year that Ty Cobb won baseball's American League MVP and Guglielmo Marconi's first wireless transmission reached New York from Italy.

Her son, who died in 2010 just shy of 100 years old, had witnessed a world that had changed many times over since 1911. What hadn't changed was John Hancock's commitment to keep its promises, and its ability to deliver on them.

Being able to fulfill a commitment made in 1911 attests not only to the overall strength and stability of John Hancock, but also John Hancock's ability to maintain ongoing operational effectiveness through changing times.

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"We've been able to do all this with the gift of life insurance"

Melissa Wandall and her husband Mark, a financial advisor with John Hancock, had been married just over a year when Mark was killed in a car accident by a driver who ran a red light. At the time, Melissa was nine months' pregnant with the couple's first child. Madison Grace Wandall was born two-and-a-half weeks later, in November of 2003.

But this story of sudden tragedy doesn't end there. On the night of the accident, Melissa made two promises to her husband: that their daughter would be born into a "happy, loving world, not one filled with anger or sadness," and also that Melissa would find a way to make this tragedy have meaning.

Thanks to Melissa's tireless efforts, to the inspiration of their daughter Madison Grace, and, in no small part, to the life insurance policies Mark had purchased from John Hancock, Melissa continues to fulfill those promises every day, now almost ten years after the accident that took Mark.

The planning that Mark did for his family's financial security has allowed Melissa to stay home to raise their daughter, while paying the mortgage on the family home and ensuring Madison Grace will have the money needed for her college education.

With the insurance policies (a term life policy and a variable life policy), Melissa has also been able to reach out and impact her community in a positive way:

  • She started the Mark Wandall Foundation, which helps fund local charities and traffic-safety programs, as well as the LIFE Foundation's Life Lessons Scholarship program for college-bound children who have lost a parent.
  • Over the past eight years, Melissa has successfully lobbied the Florida legislature to create the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act authorizing traffic-monitoring cameras at some of the most dangerous intersections in the state.
  • And she has launched her own business: M3 Motivational Concepts.

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1. National Geographic, U.S. Life Expectancy Map: The Gender Gap, 2013.

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