What do you know about life insurance?

Here are 10 statements about life insurance. Please select TRUE or FALSE for each of the following questions.





1. 93% of Americans say that life insurance is something most people need, but only 41% own an individually purchased policy. 


2. Generally, all life insurance policies provide a tax-free death benefit.


3. The middle market represents the largest segment of uninsured households, with half (36 million) admitting they need more life insurance. 


4. The only purpose of life insurance is to pay your funeral and final expenses.


5. One-third of wives own no life insurance at all-despite the fact that 7 in 10 households are dual-income households and nearly 30% of wives earn more than their husbands.


6. You should buy life insurance from a company offering the lowest-cost policy.


7. Of widows and widowers whose spouses died prematurely (between the ages of 30 and 55), only 25% felt their spouses had adequate life insurance.


8. Once you buy a life insurance policy, you will never have to worry about it again.


9.You have life insurance from your employer so you don't need anymore.


10. If you don't have children you don't need life insurance.



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