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This overview illustrates the type of care or services that are generally covered by a comprehensive long-term care insurance policy (a policy that covers both Home Health Care and Nursing Home Care). A covered service refers to a service that is eligible for reimbursement and/or credit toward the Elimination Period under the terms of your long-term care insurance policy.

Reimbursement* for covered services generally will not occur until all of the following conditions are met:

  • Benefit eligibility has been reviewed and approved and the service was provided within the approved date range
  • The Provider that delivers a particular service has been approved by John Hancock
  • Any applicable Elimination Period (also referred to as a Waiting Period or Qualification Period in some policies) has been met

*Actual reimbursement may vary by policy/certificate of insurance, optional coverage selections (e.g., a rider), service setting, or clinical status. For additional information regarding covered services and definitions, along with full description of the terms that govern eligibility for reimbursement and the applicable level of reimbursement, please see your policy.

  • Coverage Chart
  • This overview is intended only as a guide, it does not replace
    your policy. Please refer to your policy for full details regard-
    ing your coverage.

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