Claims Process Overview

There are few things more challenging than the need for long-term care. To alleviate some of the stress of this experience, John Hancock is committed to making the claims process as clear as possible.

We have summarized the steps that comprise the claims process below so you will know what to expect at time of claim. For a quick overview, please see our Process at a Glance

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Determine Initial Benefit Eligibility

John Hancock must verify that the insured meets the benefit eligibility requirements as defined in the policy and the date on which benefit eligibility is effective. The first step is to contact the LTC Customer Service Center at 800-233-1449 to obtain a Claim Initiation Kit, which includes forms that provide John Hancock with the key information needed to proceed with the benefit eligibility determination. The insured will need to complete and return the enclosed forms.

Based on the information provided on the Initiation forms, we will request at least one of the following:

Onsite Assessment: Our assessment vendor will contact the insured to schedule a visit to perform a face-to-face assessment that gathers information about functional and cognitive status. The assessor is a licensed health care practitioner working in the insured's area, but is not a John Hancock employee. This person does not have information about individual coverage details.

Medical Records: If required, we will contact the appropriate care provider to collect additional information about the insured's functional and cognitive status.

Upon receipt, John Hancock will review this documentation to complete the benefit eligibility review. The insured will receive written notification regarding the outcome. If we are unable to obtain the required information, we will notify the insured so that s/he may contact any care providers directly in order to expedite information collection.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about
any aspect of your coverage by calling our Claims Service Center
at 800-233-1449.

Long Term Care Claims Support

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