If you purchased a Long-Term Care rider on your life insurance policy and are in need of services because you have experienced a loss of functionality making it difficult to manage daily living activities1 or a loss of cognitive function, you should consider making a claim against your rider to cover long-term care expenses. 

Once you receive the claim initiation kit, you can access our online portal to view coverage details and submit documentation relevant to your case. If you are the insured, you can complete your claim initiation paperwork online. If you are the insured’s Power of Attorney/legal representative, upload the most recent copy of the Power of Attorney or Guardianship paperwork here and John Hancock will email an account registration link to get you started.

Here’s an overview of the claims process

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Step 2: Submission

What steps do you need to take?
Please complete paperwork and return via mail or fax.
Or you can create an online account here and complete documents online.
Learn more about starting your claim online here
NOTE:  You will not be able to create an online account until you receive the claim initiation kit.
What will John Hancock do?
Upon receipt of the claim initiation paperwork, John Hancock will review the service providers for eligibility and schedule an onsite assessment, or collect medical documentation to determine benefit eligibility.

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Step 4: Satisfy Elimination Period and Benefit Reimbursement

What steps do you need to take?
Once you receive approval for benefit eligibility, in order to receive credit for your Elimination Period2, you must submit all your bills for long-term care services received to date to John Hancock. This typically refers to a bill from your provider that outlines dates, types and cost of services received.
Once your Elimination Period has been satisfied, these bills will generate your reimbursement payments. You may assign benefits to your care provider, allowing John Hancock to receive and pay bills directly.
What will John Hancock do?
Upon receipt, your invoices will be reviewed. Only services provided by an approved provider on a date that the insured is deemed benefit eligible will be processed. Initial dates of service will be credited against the Elimination Period until this requirement is satisfied, then future bills will generate your claim payment.


1Activities of Daily Living —Personal care activities that may include bathing, dressing, eating, transferring, toileting, continence, and mobility.

2Elimination Period (Qualification Period) — The Elimination Period is like a deductible. Before your policy will begin paying benefits, you must first pay for your own long-term care costs for a certain number of days. In some policies, the Elimination Period is dates of service, and in others, it is calendar days. Please refer to your policy’s definition.