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Managing a Long-Term Care Claim


Managing your Long-Term Care claim online:

Starting a claim has never been easier at John Hancock! Insureds can simply log into their account and click “Start a Claim” on the home page. The system will guide you through the process step by step.

Legal Representatives are also able to start a claim online! Our claims department needs the most recent copy of your Power of Attorney or Guardianship paperwork on file to start the process and you can upload those documents here! From there, John Hancock will email you a link for account registration, where you can initiate a claim.

Step-by-step overview

We understand that a long-term care event can be a difficult time for our claimants and their family members. Our goal is to make the claims process as easy as possible. The following provides a high-level overview of the typical claims process from initiation to reimbursement. 

Determining Benefit Eligibility – First, we need to make sure that the insured meets the benefit eligibility requirements, as defined in the policy.

Establishing Provider Eligibility – Once benefit eligibility has been established, we need to verify that the service provider you are using meets the requirements defined in the policy.

Satisfying the Elimination Period – Almost like an insurance deductible, there is a set period of time (defined in the policy) that the insured must cover the costs of care before claim payments can begin.

Benefit Reimbursement – The insured will submit bills for the services they received, and we will send out reimbursements accordingly.

Take a look at our Process Overview for a more detailed summary.

Need help starting a claim? Check out these 5 tips to starting a claim.

Glossary of Terms

Having difficulty interpreting your policy or certificate? Click here for a glossary of terms used commonly used.

Cost of Care

Use our interactive tool to find the approximate costs of different services specific to your geographic region.

Contact Us

For any questions related to your Long-Term Care coverage, our customer service representatives are happy to help. 

For communications specific to claims, please mail to:

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