Apple Watch® 

Earn the latest Apple Watch for as little as $25 plus tax with regular exercise when you purchase life insurance from John Hancock.


Earn your Apple Watch with John Hancock Vitality PLUS

Life insurance with the John Hancock Vitality Program rewards you for the healthy activities you do every day. And now you can earn the latest Apple Watch for an initial payment of just $25 plus tax when you become a John Hancock Vitality PLUS member. Simply exercise regularly to earn Vitality Points and see the cost of your Apple Watch go down. The more Vitality Points you earn, the less you'll pay each month (see example points and pricing charts below). 

How the program works:

  • Register for your Vitality member account and complete the Vitality Health Review (VHR)
  • Order your Apple Watch for an initial payment of $25.
  • Walk, run, bike, swim or do any number of exercises that qualify as Standard or Advanced workouts in the program and earn Vitality Points that go toward your monthly watch payments.
  • Monthly payments are based on the number of Vitality Points you earn each month from qualifying activities over a 24-month period.
  • Earn 500 fitness-related Vitality Points per month over two years and you'll pay no additional charges.

Get Active. Get Rewarded.

The Vitality Points you earn towards your Apple Watch can also lead to additional rewards and discounts, as well as savings on your life insurance premiums, with the John Hancock Vitality Program

Learn about the benefits of the John Hancock Vitality PLUS & Vitality GO programs

Apple Watch Series 6 (40mm)

0 points

240 points

360 points

500 points

Apple Watch Series SE (40mm)

0 points

240 points

360 points

500 points

What qualifies as a Standard or Advanced Workout with Apple Watch?



Standard Workout (20pts/day)  

Advanced Workout
(30 pts/day) 

Apple Watch

Step Count 10,000 15,000
Active Calories Threshold based on Health app data* Threshold based on Health app data*

Other  Device**

Step Count 10,000 15,000
Min Calories Burned 200 300
Heart Rate 60% of max HR for 30 minutes 60% of max HR for 45 minutes
Gym Attendance 30 minutes of more N/A

* Thresholds for Standard and Advanced Workouts are based on the gender, height and weight data you provided in the Health app when you linked your Apple Watch to your John Hancock Vitality account. See the Health section of the John Hancock Vitality app for your personal Active Calories thresholds.

** Please visit to learn how you can earn qualifying workouts using the mobile app, heart rate monitors, pedometers etc.

Apple Watch program is not available in New York or Puerto Rico. Apple Watches ordered through John Hancock Vitality may not be shipped to addresses in Guam. Once you become a Vitality PLUS member and complete the Vitality Health Review (VHR), you can order Apple Watch by electronically signing, at checkout, a Retail Installment Agreement with the Vitality Group, for the retail price of the watch. After an initial payment of $25 plus tax, over the next two years, monthly out of pocket payments are based on the number of Standard Workouts (10,000 to 14,999 steps) and Advanced Workouts (15,000 steps) or the applicable Active Calorie thresholds. The step counts required for Standard and Advanced Workouts are reduced for members beginning at age 71+. One-time upgrade fees plus taxes apply if you choose (GPS + Cellular) versions of Apple Watch, larger watch case sizes, certain bands and case materials. For more information, please contact a John Hancock Representative. Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion. Apple Watch is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

1RAND Europe 2018, Financial incentives and physical activity, Evidence from the Vitality’s Apple Watch benefit, Marco Hafner, Jack Pollard and Chris van Stolk, page vii.

Vitality and Apple Watch boost exercise rates

A new study of Vitality members shows using Apple Watch can significantly increase the number of active days per month by almost 31%.1

Tips to live healthy