Interested in additional rewards?

Explore the benefits of Vitality GO and Vitality PLUS - each designed to support a healthy and financially fit life.



Vitality GO

Vitality PLUS

Annual Premium Savings

Save up to 15% on your annual life insurance premium

Apple Watch®

Earn an Apple Watch for as little as $25 plus tax with regular exercise

Amazon Halo

Complimentary Amazon Halo with a free, three-year Halo membership*

Complimentary Fitbit® device

*Or you can choose a complimentary Fitbit® device

Fitness Device Discount (Fitbit, Garmin, Polar) Gift Cards Discount

Amazon Prime Membership
Shopping and Entertainment Gift Cards

Healthy Gear Discount Discounts

Free Health Check

HealthyFood™ Benefit

Instant savings on fresh produce purchases

Up to $15 a month Up to $50 a month

HealthyFood™ Benefit

Additional savings up to $120 a month on Healthy Savings weekly promoted items

HealthyFood™ Benefit

Vitality points

HealthyMind™ Benefit – Points

Free Subscription to Headspace®

Free Subscription to Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter

Free Subscription to Live More Magazine